Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Answered prayer in the bathroom...

The other day my youngest went running up the basement steps, down the hallway, and into the bathroom. Once she did what she needed to do, I heard her exclaim, "Thank you God! Thank you that even though you are invisible you helped me not to pee my pants! Thank you! Thank you!" Then she went running down the hallway and back to play. Of course as soon as she did I laughed so hard I nearly cried!

She saw God in her every day in a way she understood, He was there in a way that I might consider small but to her it was HUGE! And isn't that just it anyway? Our HUGE God, our invisible, uncontainable and indescribable God, cares enough to show up in even the smallest details of our lives and make Himself known and visible if we will look for Him. That He would do that, in itself is HUGE because He doesn't have to, He does it because He loves us.

The other day I saw God in a conversation my 5 year old had with Him, and I too am thankful that He took the time to show up and keep her from peeing her pants! I am grateful for His love manifested to her in this way. How about you? How has He shown up and loved you today?


  1. He has given me sisters and brothers in Christ that love talking about the precious things of God almost as much as I do. Now, that's a gift!

    Thrilled, on fire, and full of joy for the Lord, my husband came running to me with a scripture,a promise of God. "Honey, have you read this!? Did you know this!?" He shared with me a revelation that he got from the Holy Spirit. This is new for him over the last year...a deeper, growing, more committed relationship with the Word and the Holy Spirit. It's what I've been praying for over 20 years now. So, I'm excstatic! Praise to our Living God, who hears our prayers and the desires of our hearts!

    Be Blessed, sister,

  2. I can almost picture the whole thing your little girl running down the hall and her private talk with God . Such an innocent prayer with sincerity. It helps me to see how I too neeed to go to my heavenly Father as a child thanking him for hearing my prayers. So often as an adult we want to be in charge and forget that we can run to our Father and ask for his help no matter what the problem or situation might be. Im going to try to remember this and put it into practice today!

  3. God can talk to us during some strange and difficult times. We may not think hes there,but he always is and always will be. God Bless Everyone who reads these.