Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Word and a Wandering Mind...

This week I saw God quite a few times in answered prayers and in the power of His Word to put a wandering mind at ease! Let me explain...

My week began with a precious friend (actually he is more like an adopted family member) going to the emergency room for some internal bleeding. As humans it is natural for our minds to wander in these situations to the worst case scenario. Letting my mind camp on those fears was making it hard to pray, it was distracting. So God lead me to Philippians 4:6 " Be anxious for NOTHING, but in EVERYTHING by prayer AND supplication WITH thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension will GUARD YOUR MINDS in Christ Jesus." ( I have capitalized certain words to bring them to your attention.)

I have heard this verse read many times and it just really hit me differently this time. I needed to be told by God to not be anxious about anything but to take it all to Him with prayer and supplication. I looked up supplication, it means to beg as binding oneself. It is okay, and necessary and we are told we can do it, to beg something of our God, to plead with Him. I needed to be reminded that after I was done praying and pleading I should be thankful and praise God for my precious friend and all the wonderful times God has blessed us with. And I needed to know that after I had done this God's Word promises that His peace will guard my mind. Because my mind needed guarding from wandering off to the scary places!

I also used this verse to pray for my friend. I was certain his mind must be wandering too, and I wanted him to have "the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension". So I wrote it out on an index card and carried it with me all day. Then when my mind started to wander, I could pray for my friend and put the verse into practice.

I am so thankful that I am able to sit here and type this having already had my prayers answered. It turns out that what was causing the bleeding was minor and fixable. But there are so many times in life where it's not fixable or minor. So what do we do? In the future, I hope to hang on to the lesson I learned from Philippians and continue to put it into practice. How about you? What lesson did God teach you this week? How has His Word spoken to you?


  1. Have been there where you were at and needed to be reminder to "be anxious for nothing". How powerful His Word is to bring us back to where we were.

  2. I saw God this week in the encouraging words of someone whom I had just met for the first time! These words were much needed to
    "spur" me on in the ministry God gave me.

  3. Hey Erica,

    I read this analogy about clinging to the Truth, the Word of God and Holy Spirit, in a time of fog, clouds, storms in our lives that I think is awesome. Unfortunately, I can't remember who wrote it, but I believe it is Holy Spirit inspired anyway. It's helped me through one of the toughest times of my life...the sickness and death of one of my closest friends and sisters. I hope you like it!

    "Imagine you are a pilot of a single-engine airplane, making a solo flight over a high mountain range. As you begin your flight the weather is clear and visibility is excellent. But as you approach the high mountains you encounter thick clouds. After entering the whiteness of the clouds and traveling for some distance in zero visibility, you notice some unusual things beginning to happen. Your instrument panel indicates that you are banking increasingly to the left, causing you to lose altitude and stray off course. Your natural senses tell you that you are not banking at all, and that you should definitely continue your flight pattern as is. You assume your instruments are malfunctioning at this high altitude, and you decide to trust your natural senses rather than follow the seemingly erroneous instruments. Moments later the truth of the situation becomes painfully evident as you realize with horror that you are headed straight for a solid wall of stone.

    This illustration is all too true. More than one pilot has lost his life because he did not accept what his instruments panel was telling him, but chose to fly according to what he sensed was true. Pilots flying in the fog simply must look to an objective source of trustworthy information to keep from crashing. At times they must deliberately disregard what their minds are pushing them to believe, and lean upon the instrument panel of the Word of God for safety and successful flight. They must be trained to diligently read the instruments and interpret signals properly.

    An uneducated pilot is one who does not understand what the instruments are telling him; a foolish pilot is one who does not watch the instruments when he needs to; a stupid pilot is one who flies in the fog without them. Which is worse? It hardly matters. The results are all the same. At times, the human tendency to think we know better than the objective instruments, God's Word and Holy Spirit within us, is stronger than we are willing to admit. Even the most experienced pilots can make foolish decisions. The fact of the matter, even the best instruments cannot compensate for human disregard."