Monday, May 10, 2010

God In a Hand Made Card...

I know this is a bit early in the week for me to post, but this one is for all the moms out there. This one is for every mom who has ever just finished yelling horrible things at her kid and then prayed for forgiveness right after and asked God to please give her child amnesia so she won't remember how hurtful you were in your frustration. This one is for every mom who has ever asked herself over and over again, "Did I make the right decision?", "Is there an end in sight?", "Will I make it to see this kid grown without landing in the loony bin first?", and my personal favorite, often said while looking at the ceiling with both arms thrown up in the air, "So this is what YOU meant by being sanctified through child birth!!!!!!!!!" This is a story of hope and the power of God to change our child's heart when we consistently give up and go to Him.

I have two precious girls. Both have some of my good and bad traits. One of them has my strong will. Boy have we had arguments! Last year was an intense year for us. I had to learn how to fall on my face before God and ask for His wisdom. He and I had some very precious heart to hearts about my inability to raise this child without Him. One day He lead me to ask Him to show me how to pray for her. I was tired of Satan getting the upper hand in my responses to her, tired of arguing,tired of yelling in an out of control way and tearing down the very child I wanted to build up. He brought me to several specific verses in my Bible to pray for her and for me. I prayed them every day, and as I did both of our hearts began to change and they became a part of me and would come to mind right when I was ready to say something I shouldn't. Sure we still had our moments, and still do. But every day is no longer a never ending battle. My husband and I also made another big decision for her and that was to cyber school her at home. There have been so many times since that I worried as to whether we'd made the right choice for her... until Mother's Day.

On Mother's Day I received the most beautiful hand made card from her. In it she told me she was glad to be cyber schooled. Here are some of the phrases I want to share: "You listened to me when I needed to talk." "You talked to me when I needed to listen." "You let me grow and learn from my mistakes." The words she wrote answered so many questions I had and brought tears to my eyes because I remember well how many times I feared I would fail as a mother and fell on my face before God in desperation. I also know full well it's ALL because of God! So moms hang in there and thank God for the strong willed child he's given you, if you let Him He will teach you the most precious lessons through that child and show you His amazing power. Never underestimate the power you have as a mother when you are on your face praying for your child, it's God's power and it will transform you and your child in ways you never imagined!

I saw God this week in a hand made Mother's Day card from my beautiful daughter, it was a reminder of the power of prayer!


  1. I saw God in my son's comment: I know that you and Dad have the forever kind of Love and he had a huge grin on his face and said this makes me happy and I know I can count on this to be true. ( The big guy at 22 yrs.old can still make his mom have tears) When he was younger he kept me busy but he was watching us and he got to know that his Dad and Mom loved each other through fights and making up forgiving one another than fighting again( Nothing wrong with a good fight now and than it keeps the marriage healthy) It must work because tomorrow we will be married 24 yrs. and still HAPPY!!!!

  2. Hey I just re-read this blog when I said we fought I just don't want the wrong message to get out . What I meant was its normal to fight now and than . We don't go around fighting all the time. We have a very good marriage and we have good communications with each other. That is more of the key point than fighting here and there . The Communication we have is what keeps our marriage solid. I just didn't want it to seem we went around fighting all the time because we don't and if we do we make up and forgive one another as Christ tells us to do in his word. As for our marriage we often say to each other were in it for life, and praising God for the marriage he has given us as Christ as the head of our marriage and our home. Blessed to be a Blessing!