Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Your Turn!

I thought that since I haven't heard from some of you in a while I would refrain from sharing and ask you to post this week! So how have you seen God in your days this week?


  1. Okay, Erica, here it goes...

    The other evening, my mother-in-law calls me to tell me there is a tornado warning in our area; we turn on the TV and the weather men are freaking out about tornado clouds, Doppler readings off the chart right above Wernersville, which is where we live. My daughters were down the street at a friend's house so I sent my husband off to get them. I stepped outside on my property, walking it, claiming the protection of the Blood of Jesus for my kids, my animals, my house, my cars(hail the size of golf balls!) and taking authority in the Name of Jesus over everything that belongs to God, "us and everything we own belongs to You, Lord...You and Your Kingdom, Amen!"

    Anyway, the really cool thing is I walk inside to hear the weather man saying, "We don't know what happened folks! The tornado storm that was formulating over Wernersville dissipated as quickly as it formed. We repeat; it's just gone. Wernersville is no longer showing any signs on our Doppler readings of anything. Sorry, we simply don't know what happened, but this is good news!" Good News indeed! Praise the Lord!

    Most would say that's a coincidence...others would say that I'm being arrogant. I simply say that's the power of prayer spoken through a Believer, and it's available to all of us. Does it always work as quickly as that? Rarely, but it's an awesome weapon and privilege that shouldn't be underestimated or devalued. That brief demonstration has rejuvenated my zeal in the prayer closet.

    Be blessed and blessing!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing Carolyn. What an awesome testimony of the power of prayer.