Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank God for Grandmas!

This week I saw God in my mom, also know as "Mimi" to my girls. I had called her a week or so ago and asked her to watch the girls for a few hours so that I could attend a meeting for our care team at church. As she does most of the time (unless she really can't) she said yes without hesitation. At the time I was simply grateful to be able to make my meeting and not worry about dragging the kids to it and hearing how bored they are!

Fast forward with me to the actual day of my meeting... you will see me running around like a nut trying to squeeze in grocery shopping, a game of go fish, some cleaning and in between breaking up my fighting girls. And BOY DID THEY EVER FIGHT!!!!!! So you can imagine how elated I was to see my mom pull into the driveway. She didn't realize it, because she was just here to play with the grand kids and help me out but even if I was at a meeting and not doing something fun, she provided some welcome quiet and relief from breaking up the kids arguments!

So while this post is nothing profound, it is simply the way I saw God this week. I saw God in a grandma who out of love and a servants heart came to watch her grand kids and ended up doing more than she thought. She gave a frazzled mommy a quiet ride to a church meeting with no fighting kids in the back seat! Hope you read this one mom, love you!

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