Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God and Old Age...

Today I am working on seeing God in the time spent with my Grandma. She is 78 years old and the only Grandma I have living. She lives with my cousin who is away on vacation so I have Grandma watching duties this week. I agreed to look after Grandma several months ago. I thought it would be a good opportunity to enjoy quality time together. She is after all, no spring chicken! Who knows how many more opportunities we will have like this. It's been two and a half days now and here I sit trying desperately to have a good attitude and love her and enjoy her. I keep telling myself that someday I may be in her shoes in the hopes that it will help me to be more compassionate and patient!

She talks nonstop from the time she wakes up in the morning until bed at night. Most of it involves complaining or stories about relatives named "Fanny, Mary, and Irene". Grammy can barely get around, but so far she seems to want to shop every day! A normal trip to the store for me is only out of necessity. So you are probably wondering where I see God in this, or am I just using my blog to vent!

I see God in some valuable lessons learned by spending time with someone her age. I am being reminded to be patient, enjoy what I have, use what I have until wears out, and give what I have away because I can't take it with me when I die. Grammy is also a good reminder to keep your sense of humor. Yesterday we drove past a cemetary and Grammy with her Kentucky accent says, "Thar's where all the happy people are!" Perhaps her humor helps her with the trials of growing older and the thoughts that certainly cross her mind about how much time she has left!

I want to encourage whoever reads this to spend time with the older people you run across in life. Remember that they were once your age and that they still have value. Our society emphasizes on a regular basis the importance of youth. But the truth is the wisdom found in the elderly far outweighs the physical beauty of youth. Wisdom lasts beauty fades. And for those of you who are Grammy's age thank you for your love, wit, humor, wisdom, time, and determination.