Thursday, September 9, 2010

God in Bed Time...

Last week was the beginning of the school year in our home. Also known as the beginning of being very busy! My kids are cyber schooled out of our home. So I have the joy and sometimes the difficulty of being with them all day long. While other moms rejoiced at the bus stop to be kid free at the end of a long summer, I quietly began my school year with them at home somewhat dreading the restraints that a new fall structured schedule brings!

No more sleeping in and doing whatever fun activities we want to do for the day. No more swimming at the grandparents' pool. Now we have to be responsible! It's an adjustment for all of us. And this adjustment has made us all at times a little tired and cranky.

So this week I see God in bed time. Right now it is my favorite part of the day that He has created! Not because I don't enjoy my kids or hate cyber schooling. I like watching them learn and being a part of that. But what is so magical about bed time is the quiet and the sleep that it brings. It leaves me refreshed and ready to be with the kiddos the next day, doing everything all over again! So there it is, that's where I see God this week it's a little thing nothing earth shattering! But I am so glad to see Him there!

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