Wednesday, September 15, 2010

God in Not Judgeing Others...

Why do we humans, myself included at times, rush to judge each other? How many times do we pick up the newspaper, tabloid, or hear something someone says and make a final decision about someone based on that one piece of information? How many times do we close out someone in our lives or lable them because of something they have done, or because of something someone says they have done and after all, "Once a _____ always a ____! " You know how the saying goes.

But that saying is true of all of us. "Once a sinner always a sinner!" We will always need God's grace and forgiveness and there is no sin He cannot forgive. As a human I may view lying as worse than stealing. Or stealing as not nearly as bad as adultery or murder. But sin is sin in God's eyes. If I lie I am just as much a sinner as if I committed another sin that people think is worse. So what gives us the right to think we are better or we can stop being someone's friend because they did whatever it is they did that was so terrible? Instead shouldn't we show them Christ's love and extend to them the same grace and forgiveness that He did to us? Then maybe they would know Him too? As Christians, aren't we His representatives?

Okay, enough of my rant for now! I say all this because I am challenged by an example that my mother has set for me without realizing it. This week my mom has chosen to continue to believe the best about a person she knows instead of letting what others say get to her. She has chosen for the past 2 years continue to show God's love and grace to someone who other people have judged and gossiped about. And what I have come to realize about mom is that even if what is being said turns out to be true she will continue to show God's love and grace to that person. And this challenges me as her daughter to do the same with people I come across in life. Thank you mom for letting me see God in you this week and many times before!

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  1. Wow, Erica, well said. Bravo! And well done on your mother's account,too.

    Keep it coming; your writings are perfectly Holy Spirit filled.