Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God in one of THOSE weeks...

Have you ever been frustrated? Had a really bad week where the kids were acting up and you and your spouse weren't getting along? Maybe a number of people you know called you up to vent? Did you ever feel at the end of that week that you wish you couldn't hear? Your to do list got longer and the days got shorter? There wasn't enough chocolate in all of the United States to satisfy your need for it? Coffee didn't erase the tired? There was no small corner of the house to hide in to get alone time? I think we all have weeks like that where we just feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and tired of it all! I had one of those this past week.

So what do you do when you have one of THOSE weeks???? If you are like me eventually you reach the point of NO MORE!!!! I arrived there Sunday morning as I sat on the end of my bed tired from doing too much, frustrated from seemingly unanswered prayer, and running low on compassion for others. You'll never guess who I met there at the point of NO MORE!!! I saw God. He was there ready to listen as I vented at first in a very angry and frustrated tone of voice with all of my "Why can't I get a minute to myself? Do I have an invisible sign on my forehead that says 'dump here'? How could You let this thing happen and why? How long do I have to pray for these people, it's killing me to watch them run away from you over and over again? And why on earth do You have me teaching a class on prayer this week, when I am now tired of praying?!!!!" Yup He was there listening. And it was so comforting just to have someone to talk to who understands me and has a purpose in those crazy difficult weeks we have.

So I want to encourage those of you who may be feeling some of the same things to talk to Him. Don't be afraid to be raw with Him, He can take it. Not all my questions were answered. For me I think I just needed to come to the end of myself and the beginning of remembering that I need Him in order to persist in prayer for others even when I see no progress. I needed to remember that without spending time with Him being filled up, I can't lovingly listen to others when they need to vent and I will end up wishing I couldn't hear. Spending time with Him beyond just morning devotions gives me a new perspective on the things of life and a renewed love for others. So please, if you are having one of THOSE weeks, or even one of THOSE days go spend time with Him and lay your burdens down.

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  1. Thanks for sharing and thanks for putting things in perspective we all have one of THOSE Days or Weeks once in awhile.Going to Him at those times is just what the Doctor calls for to get our medicine we need his Word and His Healing Touch. Than we can reach out to those who are in need also. Love Ya Thanks again!