Wednesday, October 20, 2010

God in His Way and in His Time...

It's been about two weeks since I last posted. I've been busy and I haven't been sure of what to write. It's been a difficult two weeks of trying to juggle being mom, cyber school, friends,and a Bible study. But it wasn't just being busy that kept me from writing. It was being uninspired, tired, and discouraged. I have been struggling with consistency in my prayer time because I have grown discouraged regarding some of the people I am praying for. But I am here typing away today because sometimes when we pray for so long we forget that God has His own way and His own timing in answering those prayers. Today I saw God in the beginning of HIS way and HIS timing in answering prayers.

Sometimes when we pray for people we are really only praying about what we see on the surface that needs help. Even when we think we know the root issue to pray for we can easily be wrong. But God sees the root issues all the time and those are the things that He is most concerned with. Those are the things that if taken care of by Him, will stop the problems that we see on the surface and have been praying about. So what I may perceive as a long wait for God to change some desperate circumstances in a person's life, is really not a wait at all because God is at work in the root issues all along. I just can't see it on the surface yet. So today I discovered some things on the surface that are beginning to look like answered prayers. They may not be the way I expected them to be in fact some of the ways these are being answered are very uncomfortable. But they are God's way of getting to the root issue and He doesn't do anything half way.

So for anyone who is where I have been recently with praying for others. Don't forget that sometimes God works in ways we cannot see and we don't have to see Him working in order to know that He's got it.