Tuesday, November 23, 2010


One more day until Thanksgiving... what are you thankful for?

These past couple of weeks I have seen God in the challenge of raising two little girls to be thankful and content with what they have in a world culture that says they have to have more. He has used them to point out areas in my own life in which I need to stop complaining about what isn't going well and reflect and take joy in what IS going well. My struggle is not with wanting more material things but it can often be with wanting more down time, more quiet, less housework, less obligations, etc. It's still discontent and if I don't deal with it, can lead to complaining and a lack of gratitude for what I do have. So I see God challenging me as we soon will go from Thanksgiving to Christmas to NOT get caught up in having more of anything but to be grateful for what HE has already given me. So I will start to do this today by listing some things that I am thankful for and I hope that you will share with me what you are thankful for so that we can encourage each other by counting our blessings.

I am thankful for: (In random order)
1. God's correction through my children.
2. My family because they see me at my worst and love me anyway.
3. A life changing sermon and the Pastor that dared to preach it. It continues to challenge me and bless me every single week that I sit in the pew next to someone I never thought I would be sitting with in church!
4. In no particular order my closest friends you know who you are and you are loved.
5. My husband and my two girls each one a miracle and one of them born on Thanksgiving 6yrs ago... an annual in the flesh reminder of God's answers to prayer!

How about you?