Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time With Dad

I went Christmas shopping with my dad yesterday. It's a tradition. Every year we go and get gifts for my mom together and then we go out to eat. While spending time with dad I noticed that there are a lot of ways that being with Him reminded me of my heavenly Father. Now I am not trying to brag here but he happens to be one of the ways that I saw God this week. Let me explain...

Dad doesn't like to stick to the list of gift ideas mom gives him each year. He will always buy a few of her suggestions but he likes to surprise her by getting her something special that she didn't ask for. In fact he gets excited about it, it brings him joy. He even discusses where he is going to put it under the tree or if he will hide it somewhere around the house and send her on a hunt to find it. He also makes sure to pick out a special card for her each year that tells her how much he loves her.
But mom isn't the only one he makes feel special. He is sure to tell whoever we run across that this is our special thing we do every year at Christmas. He treats me to dinner and he always makes sure to ask me if everything is going well and do I need anything. And this year he must have mentioned at least three times that he is off from work the week after Christmas ... a strong and obvious hint at spending time with me and the grand kids.

So how did I see God this week in time spent with dad? I saw it in the joy he gets and the attention to detail he puts into giving good gifts to my mom. God does this too. He gives us gifts that go above and beyond what we could ever imagine and often provides for us beyond what we need. And I was reminded of how our Heavenly Father loves to spend time with us. And it made me wonder how many hints I had missed over the years, opportunities missed in doing that.
So this week I saw my Heavenly Father in some time spent with my earthly father. How about you? When was the last time you enjoyed time with your Heavenly Father?