Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Fever!

I have spring fever. It's the first time I have had it in years! I am one of those strange people who love the snow because my husband is a teacher and when it snows we all get to stay home together. But I am really and truly for the first time in years very tired of winter! It doesn't help me that a few weeks ago we had a nice stretch of spring weather... what a tease!

This week amid the cold winter days there was one day that was sunny and almost fifty degrees! I took advantage of that day and decided to plant four bags of flower bulbs that one of my truly crazy but well loved and well meaning friends gave me! (She is only crazy because she believes that something I plant in the ground will actually grow!) It started out as something that needed to get done and ended up being the most peaceful and relaxing part of my week. As I dug each little hole and planted each bulb, I began to talk to God.

My mind turned to the subject of prayer during my conversation with God. God was reminding me that prayer is like a seed planted. When we pray for someone we bury that seed or request with God. As we keep praying for that person the seed is watered, the sun shines on it and it begins to grow. Just like the bulbs I was planting, that seed of prayer has to wait to break through the ground and bear fruit. It has to wait for the perfect set of conditions. That's probably why we can pray for some people for a very short time and see results and others may take years to see an answer.

My bulbs will take a while to turn into flowers but when they do I will be so thrilled to see them because it was hard work digging and planting, and it's been a long winter and I long for spring! And so I need to understand that like the bulbs, when I pray for others it may take a while to see the answers. But I shouldn't be discouraged because just like spring after a long, cold winter, it will be indescribably beautiful and well worth the wait!

How about you? Have you been praying for a long time for a person you love? A difficult situation? Are you getting tired and discouraged? Don't give up, keep planting those seeds of prayer. Spring will come!

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  1. Yep i will continue to pray for those i LOVE those who don't know the LORD and those who do and wait on Him for HIS BLESSINGS their Lives. So IM digging and planting too! Lord Bring on the Blossoms of our Prayers!!!