Monday, April 18, 2011

The Adventure...

Yesterday we received the official news that my husband is one of the 125 teachers being laid off at school. We had pretty much figured he would be so this was not a surprise to us. I truly am not upset and neither is my husband. We both feel very calm and peaceful. My husband even said he was excited to see what God would do next. That's what got me thinking...

It's odd that I am at peace because I am not a very adventurous person and I tend to not like change. Actually, that's putting it mildly. I tend to approach major changes that are like this one, kicking and screaming. When there is a change I put up a fight. So I asked God why this time it's different. He reminded me of a prayer that I prayed several years ago. It was a prayer I prayed because I didn't want to ever become a stuffy or complacent Christian. I wanted to be challenged and I didn't want to grow bored. I had been in a woman's Bible study at the time and we had just finished talking about having "peace like a river" versus having "peace like a pond". We learned that peace like a pond is complacency. It's not real peace because nothing tests the waters everything just stays still and stagnant. Peace like a river is real peace because it's hard to be at peace when you are in the rapids of the river or have a strong under current. If you can have peace when tested in these ways, then it is God's true and lasting peace. We were also asked to think about whether we wanted a stagnant walk with the Lord like the pond, or the adventure of a life time riding the river rapids. I wanted the river. I was sick of the pond. So I prayed the poem from the book we were using. The poem is called River of Delights and it's written by Beth Moore:

I want to drink from your river of delights.
I want to dance before Your throne.
I want to chase You to the depths and the heights.
I want to live all my way home.

I want my eyes to be open till they're closed,
and faith gives way to holy sight.
But while I've the dust of Earth between my toes,
I want to live with all Your might.

I want to shout hallelujah while I can,
living in the abundant and beyond.
Splashing in Your Spirit and lifting up my hands,
I want peace like a river, not a pond.

I want to drink from Your river of delights.
I want to dance before Your throne.
I want to chase You to the depths and to the heights.
I want to live all my way home.

I may not always be thrilled to be on the adventure depending what's going on. But I am secure in the love of the One I am on the adventure with and that is why I have peace. We have been in the rapids together many times since I prayed that prayer and I have never been disappointed at the outcome of those adventures. How about you? Do you want peace like a pond or peace like a river? Do you want a stuffy, boring Christian walk? Or would you like to take a chance on the adventure of a life time even if it means testing your faith?

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  1. that's good, Erica. Never thought of it that way before. I guess the "peace like a river" could very aptly describe the adventurous journey my life has been. sometimes everything is upside down, I'm hurting, and I feel the need for some tangible assistance from my family and the family of God. My mind won't as you put it, "shut up." However, down underneath is a peace and assurance that Jesus is with me and together we'll make it. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.