Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Wait...

This week has been and continues to be all about the wait. I don't like waiting do you? I don't like to wait for possibly bad news and I don't like to wait for possibly good news. When I have to wait for something it just seems as though the time that use to pass by at lightning speed no longer does. In fact it passes so slow it can seem torturous! But this past week and the week that lies ahead of me is about the wait. So what am I waiting for?

I am waiting to find out if my father in law has cancer. If he does all of our lives will change in one way or another as we see him through it. I am waiting and watching to see what opportunities God gives me to be there for him during his wait.

I am waiting to find out if my husband will lose his job. We are supposed to know within the next week or two. I am waiting to see how God will provide for us and lead us in the future should this happen.

I am waiting for an answer from a Pastor who canidated at our church. I am waiting to know whether or not he will come and be our next Pastor. If he does I will be waiting to see how God uses him to continue us on our journey as a church.

I am waiting for Easter break. The kids and I REALLY REALLY need Easter break. I am waiting for Easter break and anticipating that after a few days of it my sanity may very well return and my girls will be nicer to each other!

We are all waiting for something. But what do we do during the wait? How do we take the torture out of the time that passes slowly? Where do we go with our minds that keep going at night long after our eyes have closed in the hopes of getting some sleep? We go to God.

I don't know whether my father in law will have cancer, my husband will lose his job, the pastoral canidate will agree to lead our church, or Easter break will restore my sanity. There is no point in taking up time and energy stewing over these things. When the wait is over I will have the answers.

I think the reason we hate the wait so much is because of the uncertainty it brings. That's why we need to to look to the One sure thing, Christ. I found a poem the other day that expresses this well. It's written by Beth Moore.
The title is I May Never Walk on Water.

I may never walk on water,
but I'll never drown.

God may never part the oceans,
but I'll stand my ground.

My faith is not in my beliefs
but in the One I've found.

His word is sure,
when I am not
His heart and mine are bound.

How about you? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting alone or have you gone to God with your wait?

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