Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God's Abundant Goodness...

I have been pondering a verse that I came across the other day. It is Psalm 145:7 "They shall eagerly utter the memory of your abundant goodness." I have been in need of some good news lately and so have many people that I have recently spent time with. Our world is full of bad news. Our lives at any given moment can be full of bad news. So what can encourage us? What can we share with each other that would help us to hang on? We can eagerly share the memories we have of God's abundant goodness.

My grandfather was very good at doing this. I honestly cannot remember a story he told us that did not have mention of God's goodness in it. From the time I was a little girl I heard about how faithful God was in providing for grandpa's needs. God provided food, jobs, shelter, and many other things. He did this many times and in many different ways. Even in my grandfather's old age God provided him with a car from a friend who was a mechanic. This friend also took care of any repairs and maintenance. When my grandfather had a stroke and could not see to read his Bible without a very expensive, special machine, God provided. When Grammy suffered through althzeimer's disease and should have forgotten who grandpa was, God provided Grammy with a miracle for Grandpa's sake. Grammy never forgot who grandpa was, not even once. Grandpa was always eager to share his memories of God's abundant goodness.

This week I was spending time with a friend and we ended up sharing special memories of our families with each other. We were talking about grandparents and laughing about funny things we remembered. But as I shared with her some of my memories of grandpa and the stories he told we both ended up crying. To this day the stories of God's goodness in grandpa's life and how they touched my life continue to encourage others.

As I have spent time thinking about this verse and what it has meant in my own life to hear about God's goodness, I find myself challenged. I am challenged not to allow myself to be weighed down by what troubles me but to choose to remember God's abundant goodness. I am also challenged to eagerly take any and every opportunity to share my memories of God's abundant goodness with others so that they too can be encouraged.

How about you? Are you bogged down with all of the things that are going wrong ? Is your heart heavy with the things that you want to change but are beyond your control? Is there someone you know who needs some hope? Why not take a trip down memory lane and recount God's many blessings in your life? While you're at it eagerly recount them out loud with someone else so they can be encouraged too!

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