Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's The Little Things...

This morning I was turning my room upside down searching for some papers. I searched the inside of my Bible, any books I was reading, my night stand, and the dresser drawers. I couldn't find them anywhere and it was really bothering me. They weren't just any papers. They were scripture prayers that I had typed up three years ago to pray for my children. Although I still pray for my children, I hadn't used these particular scripture prayers in a while and felt God tugging on my heart to revisit them. But they were no where to be found. I could easily print another copy from the computer file I had saved, but it wouldn't be the same. So I asked God to help me find my original copy and then went on to make breakfast for the kids.

After breakfast I started to clean my room and decided to clean out my husband's night stand drawer. It seems to be a catch all for all sorts of things. I found old birthday cards, fathers day cards, and anniversary cards that he had stuck in there and decided to sit and reread them. Then I collected them and went to put them in a special box where I save our favorite ones. I opened the box and what did I find? My scripture prayers!!!!

This may seem small to someone else, but I was amused by the detour that God took me on to find them. And I was touched that He cared about a seemingly little thing. He knew I could easily print another copy. But He also knew that the one I had was special to me. It was worn with lots of use, tear stained with smudged ink from the difficulties I was praying through. It had been through the war and back with me and we had seen victory together. He is the lover of my soul and He has always known that for me it's the little things that touch my heart. This got me thinking...

There are so many people I know of right now who are going through BIG things. It's easy to feel alone and like God doesn't care when you are going through the big things. But please don't doubt for a moment that He is right there with you and you are not alone. If He cares enough about the little things like my scripture prayers and answers my small request to find them, then how much more does He care about your big things? Not one of your prayers escapes His ears, not one tear you shed escapes His sight. He loves you and He will see you through the big things! You are not alone.

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