Thursday, September 1, 2011


I am sitting on the couch and enjoying the sunshine from the living room window, the breeze from the ceiling fan, and the sound of my girls playing together with a feeling of deep gratitude. There is nothing particularly special about today. It's just an ordinary day. But that's just it, it feels so good to have an uneventful, ordinary day!

In the past three or four weeks we have had job interviews for my husband, termites eating the wall in our house, a leaky chimney, and a broken oven. All things damaged and broken are now fixed. My husband did not get any of the jobs he interviewed for, but that is okay. God put him back in the school district that furloughed him. He was called back because one of the other teachers died from cancer. We don't understand God's ways and we wish he had received his job under better circumstances. But we know that God can help my husband to be a comfort and a blessing to those he now works with who have suffered such a tragic loss. We are thankful for God's provision for our family.

This weekend we hunkered down and waited for hurricane Irene to do her damage. Thankfully none of the many trees around our home fell and the winds, though they were strong, didn't send anything flying through our windows! The most we suffered was a three day power outage. Unfortunately for many others in Vermont, New Jersey, and North Carolina, it wasn't so easy. There are so many people who lost their homes or even loved ones in this storm. I am thankful that we are okay but continue to pray for those who aren't.

That seems to be my struggle lately... feeling so thankful for God's many blessings and at the same time so burdened for other people's losses. How about you? Have you ever experienced this? I am not sure what God is getting at with these things, but He is getting at something! For right now I am content to sit here and be thankful, ever mindful of the fact that it all comes from Him. And ready to freely be a blessing to others because everything in my life is a blessing from God. I can't claim anything as my own!

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