Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You Swatting at the Air?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. One of the things that I enjoy most about it is the beautiful colors of the leaves. I also enjoy the entertainment that they provide for my cat. Year after year he seems to think that he can catch the falling leaves outside our large living room window even though he is inside the house!

It happened again yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze. The breeze blew some leaves off of the tree in the front yard. As the leaves fell the cat jumped up on his hind legs and started swatting at the window. When he couldn't get through the window to play with them he jumped higher and threw himself into the window. After a good five or ten minutes of this, he finally gave up. All of his good effort was futile.

This got me thinking about the times in my life when I am swatting at something, trying to make it go away and no matter how much I throw myself into solving the problem my efforts are futile. Sometimes it's not even my problem I am battling with, it's how to help someone else. I haven't met anyone yet who hasn't experienced this in one way or another. So how can I get through to the other side of the window so to speak? How do I keep my efforts to help others or solve my problems from being a senseless swatting at the air?

Prayer. Prayer is the answer. All necessary groundwork is laid with prayer. There is no point in tackling my problems on my own. My solutions will only be a temporary fix. God's power to solve a problem produces an eternal fix because He starts the fix where most problems begin, in the heart. He alone can change the heart and from there fix the problem. Because of this there is no point in me bothering to try and help someone else if I don't pray first. If I can't fix my own problems by myself then how can I help someone else with theirs? Prayer is what allows me to get to the other side of the window. Prayer is powerful and it is our direct line to God. When we go to Him in prayer He hears and moves on our behalf or on behalf of the person we pray for.

Unlike swatting at the air, prayer is not futile. The Bible says in James 5:16, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." So who do you need to be powerful and effective for this week? Who or what do you need to stop trying to fix on your own? Let's stop swatting at the air and wearing ourselves out. Lets hit our knees where we are at our most powerful and most effective, and lay the ground work with prayer. Then we will have broken through to the other side of the window where we can see God work face to face instead of through the glass!

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  1. Yep I wholeheartedly agree prayer is the answer besides we don't
    Have a big enough fly swatter to swat all of ours or other
    People's problems. Thanks for sharing I always
    Enjoy your Blogs. I'm definitely a Fan :)