Monday, November 7, 2011

Wrinkles Have Value?

This past weekend we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday in spite of his protests! He insisted that he is an old man and didn't need to celebrate getting older. Why do so many people feel that way? Shouldn't we want to celebrate the fact that we lived another year? What about celebrating the good things that come with age instead of thinking about all the bad things?

I know, some of you are thinking that I don't understand because I am in my 30's. Maybe you are right. Maybe not! What if like everything else in life age is what you make of it? Think about it... Are wrinkles and gray hair really all that bad? Or are they a physical sign that the person with them has lived some and enjoyed some life? We associate old age with forgetfulness, disease, and not being able to do what we did when we are young. But what if we thought of it differently. What if we thought of it in terms of what an older person can contribute that a younger person could not? What if instead of thinking that the older generation at church are just sitting around, waiting to get to heaven instead of serving, we looked at them with fresh eyes? What if we looked beyond the walkers, wrinkles, and reservedness and saw that they may be serving in ways that have gone unnoticed by man, but not forgotten by God? What if they are your mentors and prayer warriors?

We miss so much when we get hung up on age. We miss it for ourselves and we miss seeing the value in others. We miss the way that God can use the wisdom gleaned from age in other lives, to shape our own. So this week let's see age differently. Why not see it as valuable? Even better why not see an aged person as a treasure worth celebrating?

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  1. So True Erica if only more people would see that older people have so much to offer and sometimes all they want is some one to sit and listen to them .Age is just a number and as my 89 yr. young Mother always say life is what you make It. She also calls herself a recycled teenager. :)