Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Letter to the King...

My King,

I love you. It never seems like enough. Those three words sometimes seem so limited compared to what I feel inside. There has never been anyone in my life who knows me as well as you do and loves me anyway. You see it all. Nothing is hidden from you. Even in my ugliest most shame filled moments you still love me and unashamedly call me your own. No matter how many times I have wronged you, questioned your wisdom, or dared to be angry with you, you never send me packing! You always seize these moments as an opportunity to teach me and make me more like you. All of my bad you work for good. All things ugly you make beautiful. In my most fear filled moments you calm me with the treasure of your Word. Even when my doubts have hurt you, you prove yourself faithful. Whenever I have been burdened you carry my load. During times in my life when I experienced great sadness you let me cry. You didn't try to fix things like others have. You simply let me be broken until I was ready for your embrace and then you made me whole. You have never made fun of me. In fact sometimes I think my silliness may even make you smile. Every need I have you have provided for. Even when it isn't a physical need you have provided. So many times when I have needed a lift you sent one of your servants to encourage me at just the right moment. You are so incredibly thoughtful.
All of these things are just glimpses of how wonderful you are. They are only a few of the reasons why I love you. There are so many more but words fail me. Too often when I spend time with you I neglect to say these things. I get caught up in the every day and lose sight of loving you back with my worship. I just couldn't let Valentines' Day go by this year without writing you this love letter. You truly are the lover of my soul.


( Valentines' Day is almost here. Have you written your letter to the King yet?)

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  1. So true! He deserves our greatest devotion but we tend to give our time and attention to other things..so sad.