Thursday, March 22, 2012


A month ago I was "mommy" to both girls. Now I hear "mom" coming from my oldest. Two months ago she was still playing with her Liv Dolls. Now she has packed them up and given them away to little sister. Gone are the Barbie Jet, the Cinderella Castle, the Liv Doll House, and the Littlest Pet Shops. Stuffed animals that once crowded her bed and book shelves have found a new home out of sight on the top closet shelf. She has even paired down her elephant collection! There are many empty shelves in her closet now due to lack of toys.

Today I went in to fill the empty shelves with clothing from her dresser. She no longer wants the dresser in her room. She wants to put an old vanity in its place for when she is old enough to sit and do her make up! MAKE UP!!!! (Can you hear my silent screams from where you are!?)Thank God we have time before that is allowed to happen! As I was in the closet a stuffed animal fell on me from the top shelf. It wasn't just any stuffed animal. It was Teddy! Teddy of all bears had been place out of sight! Can you believe it? Teddy with the well worn fur from 10 years worth of love ! So I paused and hugged Teddy tight. I just wanted a moment to remember the tea parties we had with him, the many out fits he wore, and the little girl who once slept with him every night. Then I prayed and thanked God for those moments and apologized for all the wasted ones when I was too busy doing to enjoy the girl and her bear.

Teddy is back up on the shelf now and the girl is in her room listening to music. I am sitting here thinking about what I can learn from all of this. I am not one to wallow in wishing the kids would be little forever and sit around boo-hooing about it. I only allow myself what I need and then I move on making a conscious decision to celebrate the inevitable changes. It's that word that has me right now..change.

Our world is full of changes. It is rare that anything or anyone stays the same. The seasons change, governments change, churches change, employment changes, health changes, our children grow and change, and we change. The only one who does not change is God. Psalm 55:19b says this, "God, who is enthroned from of old, who does not change". I don't know about you but I find that comforting. Change can be uncertain sometimes. Our God does not change so this means that He is certain. He is steady, reliable, dependable, and secure. No matter what changes we are going through we can look to God and know that He isn't going anywhere.

As I sit here and let this soak in I am thankful. I am thankful that even though my girl is changing her God is not and He has her through these changes and the ones yet to come. I am also thankful that He isn't going anywhere. I will need Him for any future moments that may involve make up, boys, and Teddy falling out of the closet again! What about you? What changes are you trying to embrace? Need some help? Look no further than your unchanging God. He isn't going anywhere!

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