Thursday, October 25, 2012


The little one and I waited patiently to meet our new doctor.  My husband had heard that he was a good doctor so we thought we would give him a try.  Goodness knows we had been through several before him.  You know the type... the kind that make you feel stupid if you ask questions and get aggravated if your child doesn't want to be examined.

When he entered the room he smiled at my girl right away and asked her about her stuffed monkey.  She didn't answer.  Instead she buried her face in my shirt and began to cry.  The kind doctor didn't  give up so easily. He asked if he could give her stuffed monkey a check up.  She very cautiously placed her treasured friend on the table and he proceeded to listen to its heart beat with his stethoscope.  Once he proclaimed the monkey healthy he asked if he could listen to her heart beat. The tears were gone now and she let him listen.  I left the doctor's office that day assured that we were in good hands with him, feeling blessed that he cared so much about my girl to take the time to gain her trust. By doing so, he had gained my trust as well.

It has been almost seven years since our first visit.  He has cared for us through some scary times. We have had a  hospital stay with each child.  He always went the extra mile. Each time he called ahead and spoke to the pediatrician on staff. This last time he even gave us his cell phone number in case we didn't understand something and he could help.  He has been one of God's blessings in our lives and unfortunately he is moving...

His leaving has reminded me about how important it is to say what needs to be said before it is too late. Yes, even if it is a doctor, the postal worker, a waitress, a pastor, or anyone else who has cared for you well. They need the encouragement.  They need to know that it's not the big things that make the difference.  It is the little things.  I may not remember all of the medicines he prescribed through the years, the things he explained to me, or the questions he answered but I will never forget that first day and how he gave the stuffed monkey a check up!

I've already written my letter of thanks to him. I've already cried my tears. I never thought I would cry over a doctor,  but that is the impact that he has had on my life. He cared for those I love so well that it breaks my heart to see him go. He would probably say that he was just doing his job. I would say he cared for my children as if they were his own children. When you genuinely care for others you make an impact. Which brings me to another important point... the impact of one life on another.

Never underestimate the impact you have on another. It's easy to feel insignificant or that what we do is not meaningful. Whenever we come in contact with another human being we have the ability to make a lasting impression. We impact them for good or for bad. It doesn't take grand sweeping gestures to do this.  It is as simple as a kindness shown, a smile, a listening ear, or a helping hand.  You may be the only touch of God's love they receive that day.

 I want to encourage you to say thanks to those who have genuinely cared for you.  Just as you have been shown kindness, pass it along. Make an impact for Christ by spreading His love. Even if it's as simple as smiling at a stressed out grocery store cashier. It makes a difference!