Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have been reflecting on these words by Jean Baptiste Massieu ,"Gratitude is the memory of the heart".   It's so true. With our hearts we remember all that we are thankful for. Out of our hearts flow the words that pass our lips. I sit here praying that out of my lips will flow more gratitude than complaint.

Life seems to pass at lightning speed around here. Lists of things to do, places to go, and people to see have no end. In this fast pace that we keep it's easier to be quick to complain than to stop and give thanks. Giving thanks requires remembering. Remembering requires the ability to be still, and how often am I really still?

This has me thinking... How often is gratitude like a small pause for prayer before dinner?  A quick thanking God for food to eat as a ritual, instead of heartfelt gratitude that this day we have food on the table and we can eat? Has my thanks become nothing more than a quick acknowledgement of needs met or does it mean something to me that God has provided?

He has provided so much! Even if He didn't provide isn't God Himself enough? His love, His presence, His gift of salvation isn't it enough? Does He really need to give me anything ever again for me to have enough? These are the questions that I sit here pondering as I make time to remember all that He has done for me this year.

When I take the time to be still my heart overflows with thanks. It remembers Grandma's day long smile at her surprise 80th birthday party, the look on a little boy's face when he opened his Star Wars light saber, and the phone call from my brother telling me I will be an aunt! My heart also remembers with gratitude my husband's job loss and my daughter's hospitalization. I feel so full of thanks that God was there in the midst of all of that. I remember well how I was never alone. 

How about you? What does your heart remember? In a world where it seems nothing is ever enough, will you remember that God IS enough?