Thursday, January 31, 2013


    Grandma went to heaven on Tuesday. I was asked to write something to celebrate her life. Since I have often seen God in my Grandma I thought I would share what I wrote. The most influential people in our lives are the ones who are full of God's love and do not hesitate to share it with everyone.

   When I think of Grandma I think of love. She was full of love and life. She didn’t hesitate to express that love. She didn’t hold back. Her love for her family was fierce.  She didn’t just hug, she held on to you for dear life. She couldn’t just sit next to you she had to have her arm around you.  Every conversation ended with the words, “I love you”.  Some may have felt she was a little over the top with all of this affection.  I believe she was wise. She was wise enough to know that life is short and no one is guaranteed another tomorrow with the ones they love. So she chose to love everyone well every chance she got. 

   She loved sacrificially. Grandma held on to her possessions loosely. They did not hold on to her. If you needed something and she had it, it was yours. She always said, “I can’t take it with me when I’m gone so I might as well see the ones I love enjoy it while I’m here.”  She was always thinking of others and worrying about them.  She was also generous with her time. She had time for others.  It didn’t matter what she was doing she had time to listen and time to talk. 

  Grandma loved honestly. She was uncensored. She had no filter. You never knew what she was going to say or in whose presence she might say it.   This could be embarrassing at times.  But she was honest in this way. In a world where people seldom present themselves the way they really are, some might call Grandma refreshing.  I can’t help but wonder if this too was because she knew life is short. Why waste time pretending?   

  She loved God.  She always said she wouldn’t be here without Him.  Even though she had a hard life, she never held it against God.  She loved Him because He walked her through it. He made her stronger because of it. He comforted her and provided for her and she looked forward to seeing Him face to face in heaven along with Grandpa. 

  I don't want to just remember her and honor her on this one day at her funeral. I want to honor her with the way I love others.  I want to love like she loved. That’s the legacy she has left here, a legacy of love. Love for God, sacrificial love, honest love, and love for family. Please join me and love others well. We aren't here very long and neither are they. The way we love others may very well be the only glimpse of God's love that they get.

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