Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Letter to Mothers...

Dear Moms,

God knows that having a child is like walking around with your heart beating on the outside of your chest...vulnerable. He was there during the night when it was all you could do to lift your weary body out of bed and feed the baby. He knows how many times you went back into the nursery just to make sure everything was alright, and smiled because your little one looked so angelic sleeping! He was there for the moments that you held your breath as your little super heroes ran into oncoming traffic, jumped off of cars, and climbed up the tallest trees. While you watched wide eyed, ran yelling with arms flailing ,to tell them that they would surely get hurt! He heard the prayer... the one of thanks that you exhaled the moment they were safely planted on the ground with all of their body parts in tact, and He smiled because He had it under control all along!

The many times you've spent on your knees haven't escaped Him either.  Battle worn, weary, broken, searching for wisdom, scared to death, and afraid of failing them. He was there, do you remember? Do you remember how peace washed over you when you were too exhausted to pray another prayer? You knew He was there and He would handle it because you had finally let go. Then came the break through. His wisdom guided you. All was well again and you were amazed!

He's seen every tear that you've cried.  He knows how often you feel like a failure. He's heard your greatest fear...you know the one. The one all of us have at some point.  The fear that grabs a hold of us in the midst of our biggest blow ups and says, "You've done it now! They will be the kids sitting in the shrink's office declaring 'It's all my mother's fault!' " Yup! That one!  Still He hasn't abandoned you or made your biggest fear a reality.  No, instead He's brought other moms alongside of you to encourage you and to remind you that no one is perfect.

Finally, there are the letting go moments... Kindergarten and beyond. Time has wings and it flies! It tears at your heart because as they grow, you have to let go more and more.  Beautiful and bittersweet all at once. Letting go isn't easy at all. Us moms can be pretty independent and stubborn! Letting go is necessary and perhaps that is one of the greatest lessons of motherhood...

Let go and let God. Take a deep breath and remember you are not alone. God has been with you all along. You don't have to be perfect because God already is. He is the only one who can hold that heart beating on the outside of your chest in the palm of His hand without crushing it, and shape it into something beautiful for His glory! Relax this Mother's Day, let go, remember God is with you and He loves you so much!