Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beat Up...

      "The world will always beat you up, but God will always heal you." I found these words rolling off the tip of my tongue after I cleaned up a watch today. Have you ever said something out loud, heard what you just said, and wondered where it came from? Yeah, it was one of those moments. My mind keeps thinking on those words. They were spoken to someone else but I know they are very much for me.

     It all started last night when I heard someone honk their horn several times in our driveway. I looked out the window and saw that it was my husband honking. He wanted one of the kids to move their bike out of the middle of the driveway so he could pull in. Both girls were outside. The child who owned the bike just stood there like she was frozen in place, while the other one ran to move the bike out of the way. I would soon find out why.

      One of them had been riding that bike all over the yard, skidded down a steep hill, rolled with the bike, and hit the pavement. She came into the house blood dripping down her knee, running down her arm, and a giant lump that was quickly turning purple on her chin. The lump was so big it made her face look longer! After running for wet paper towels and ice, emptying the band aid box, all the while silently pleading with God that she had not broken her jaw, things calmed down and I began to assess the situation.  She could talk. She was asking for food and was able to chew it. She was able to yawn. All of her teeth were accounted for and still seemed in alignment. We were now completely out of band aids and sterile guaze and I desperately needed chocolate! Time to run to the store.

      My ride to the store provided me with plenty of time to talk to God. It had been a long week. It was one of those weeks where every time we received a blessing from God, something discouraging would happen to follow it. I felt beat up by the cares of this life both physical and financial. I began scrutinizing and questioning every decision we had been making in every area of our lives recently. Until I realized that this bike accident had nothing to do with any of that. We just simply needed God's protection. You see, we have been at a place of really resting in God in recent months. We have been content with where He has us right now even though it may not be right where we would like to be. This contentment, this resting in Him, has been our greatest blessing! What better way to rob us of our greatest blessing than to flood our hearts and minds with fears, financial worries, doubts, frustrations, and physical suffering?  This way we can be so distracted by feeling tired, worried, and frustrated, that we won't be content with God's plans for our lives or with where He has us right now. This is just one of the ways that Satan uses the difficulties of this life (world) to beat us up. However, God is right there ready to heal our wandering minds and anxious hearts, just like I was right there waiting for my daughter with bandages and peroxide. We just have to let Him.

      His healing doesn't always take on the form we want and it doesn't always come in the timing that we want it to. Yet God is still at work on the inside healing our hearts and making us new. This reminds me of how much my girl dislikes the painful sting of peroxide. The cleansing it offers is part of the healing process but it's painful. God's healing processes in our lives are often no less painful because He heals and cleanses from the inside out! We tend to be people who like to stick a band aid on things and call it healed, all the while ignoring the dirt in the wound it's covering. Dirt if left in a wound untreated will cause infection. Infection in one part of the body if left untreated, can spread through out and eventually take a person's life. There are so many parallels between the physical and the spiritual life!

     I was washing the face of my daughter's watch this morning. It's her favorite watch because it has a world map as the back ground. She says it reminds her of her dream to travel the world someday. The watch took quite a beating and its face was dirty and scratched up just like its owner's! I cleaned it as best as I could but I knew she was still upset that it was scratched up. After handing it to her I said, " I can't do anything about the scratches, but maybe it could be a reminder to you when you travel the world... the world will always beat you up but God will always heal you."  In my heart I pray it will always be so, that she will always run to God and let Him heal her.  I know that if she does...He always will.

     For the record, the thought of her traveling the world someday has always been difficult for me. But the same God who rolled down the hill on a bike and hit the pavement with the child who refuses to wear a helmet...will be traveling with her. She couldn't be held in better hands! 

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