Wednesday, July 15, 2015


     The longing in those big blue eyes captured me. I couldn't look away. The owner of those eyes voiced his need for love and affection. I scooped him up. Looks can be deceiving. He looked bright eyed and healthy, but his fluffy fur coat hid the truth. He was skin and bones. "Can we keep him Mom?" I heard my youngest say. The oldest was soon to follow with, "We can take him home with us, he can sit with us in the back seat!" I hesitated for a moment. "No, we can't girls, but we can love him well while we are here."  Two days later we would name him Tigger.

     Tigger is a two month old kitten that someone abandoned at the edge of my Great Aunt Mary's property in Kentucky. My cousin Dude discovered him two days before our visit while she was out feeding the chickens. They don't allow cats on their screened in porch or in their house. This time they made an exception for the sake of my girls. They were loving my girls well while they were there.

     Tigger and the girls spent every moment together. They fed him and he nearly swallowed everything whole! He played with them for hours biting their toes, batting their fingers, and chasing things all over the place. He often wore himself out and fell asleep in their arms. All of this led only to more pleading from the kids, and strong encouragement from my Great Aunt to take him home. I couldn't. I told my girls, "God brought us Tigger for this place in time. With no wifi here and little to do, He brought you a little friend to keep you busy. He also brought you to Tigger because Tigger needed love. Make the most of your time together and stop thinking ahead to when we leave. Make the most of the time you have to love each other now."  Who knew there were life lessons to be gleaned from a kitten?!

     The world is full of "Tiggers". We are surrounded by them wherever we go.  These "Tiggers" may sometimes find themselves in need of physical provision, but they are always in need of love and acceptance. We need to make the most of the moments we have with them. There are no coincidences with God. Each person He brings our way is a divine appointment. He is intentional. The people He brings across our path may be like that for a moment and gone tomorrow. That moment matters. That is the only moment we have to quench a love thirsty soul with the love God has poured into us. So often we stop first to analyze the person in front of us, and what helping them or loving them would mean...for us. We worry about whether or not it will turn into a long term situation where they are somehow dependent on us. We can paralyze ourselves with this and fail to act. We can be so busy worrying ahead that we miss the opportunity to do what God has called us to do in the moment...simply love.

     I wonder what would happen if we stopped overthinking things and left them up to God? Maybe the "Tiggers" in our lives would be less like a stray cat looking for a home, because they will have felt at home in the love of God that we did not hesitate to allow to flow through us.


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