Thursday, July 2, 2015


     This has been a week of a lot of words. I've watched word wars break out on social media. Various churches have posted links to long statements full of words regarding same sex marriage. Christians are exchanging words with non Christians. Worse yet, Christians are exchanging heated words with each other as the non Christians sit back and watch. So many pointless words.

     The wisest words we will ever speak are the ones we say to God in our prayers. This moment in our Nation's history, this Supreme Court's not an invitation to rant. It's an invitation to hit our knees. The very same knees that should have blisters on them by now because of how often we've knelt to pray for our fellow man. There is no point in speaking, shouting, posting, or ranting about the truth as it is written in the Bible when we haven't taken the time to truly love the person or people group that we are speaking too. They won't hear it and I can't blame them. When has slamming people with the truth ever brought them to Christ? When has ranting on social media and arguing with other Christians made anyone want to set foot in a church? The world doesn't need to hear our viewpoints it already knows them. In some cases the world knows what the Bible says better than we do!  Some things are best left unspoken.

     What if instead of being so quick to use our words, we let our actions do the talking? What if the Church as a whole sought God earnestly for a plan? What if the Church as a whole, asked God to show it how to love the homosexual community?  The Church in general, is quick to agree with the Bible that homosexuality is a sin, but slow to recognize that all sin is equal in God's eyes. All sin requires a Savior. Heterosexuals sin too and I haven't met one yet who came to know Christ and was delivered from their bondage because someone shouted at them and pointed out how wrong they were on social media. So what's the plan?

     Isn't this the real question? Isn't this the root of all the ranting? Fear. Fear because we have no plan? Fear because we don't know how to deal with this. Fear because we watched the Left Behind Series and we are certain this Supreme Court ruling has ushered in the end times! Fear that this is the beginning of the government telling the Church what to do. Fear that someday, the Church will be persecuted or forced into doing same sex marriages. So what? So what if this is only the beginning of greater challenges to come?! All the more reason to make the most of the time we have. This is all the more reason to seek God earnestly for a way to love the homosexual community so that they too can experience the freedom from the bondage of sin that Christ has to offer. I believe that if we truly seek Him God will gladly reveal His heart to us concerning this. Until He does, let's leave everything but our prayers unspoken. It's better to be silent than to inadvertently become a mouthpiece for the devil.




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