Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Shell...

     They had been searching the ocean floor for days. They'd already found plenty of shells on the beach but they knew that the big ones were on the ocean floor. They stood in waist deep water, goggles on, and looked straight down to the ocean floor. The sun was shining, the water clear, and the waves manageable.  They had some successes... a piece of drift wood, a pair of glasses, a set of goggles, and some medium sized there was hope.

     My husband joined their search around the fourth day. He enjoyed it for a while but soon gave up and decided to ride the waves on his boogie board. In between the search and the waves he stepped on something. Curious as to what it was, he reached down and picked it up. From the beach I heard shouts of "No way! I can't believe it!"  I looked to see what the fuss was about and there he was holding a very large, whole shell up in the air. It was the size of a grapefruit!   Everyone wanted a look at this shell. They couldn't get over how they had been searching for days and he had just stepped on it.

     I've been thinking about this shell for a while now. It reminds me of life. Everyone is in search of something. We search the world over in frustration for treasure. We search for the treasures of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and freedom to name a few. We stand in the waist deep waters of the ocean of life, braving the waves life throws at us, with the hope of finally finding that one thing that makes all the difference. The waves knock us around and often our efforts prove to be futile. We don't realize that this treasure we search for is right under our feet!

    God is like that sea shell everyone was searching for. He's been there waiting for us the whole time. He's the treasure we can't seem to see at the bottom of the ocean, even though He is right under our feet. Once we've stumbled upon Him, we can't help but share our excitement with those around us who have also been searching for treasure. Then everyone wants a glimpse...wants to understand how you seem to have stumbled upon Him so easily when they had been searching so hard. They had been searching so hard...but they didn't truly realize what it was they were searching for. Perhaps they admitted that they were searching for the treasures of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and freedom...but didn't realize that what it came in the form of was Jesus dying on the cross for their sins. Just like the waves of the ocean can blur the search for a shell, the waves of life can blur the search for a Savior.

     This is where we who have stumbled upon the great treasure of a relationship with God, have an opportunity to show them what we have found in Him. Like my husband who was so excited to have found the shell that he held it up in the air for all to see, we can do the same with Jesus. Our lives, our words, our actions, can all be used to lead others to the great treasure that is a relationship with God.  That's the thing about treasures...they are never meant to be hidden away. They are meant to be shared for the benefit of others.
      So what are you doing with your treasure today?


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